Best Sex Dolls in 2020

In this article, Im going to introduce seven best sex dolls in 2020. Two sex dolls are from Europe blonde love doll. one sex torso, an elf sex doll, a lifelike sex toy, hot Phoebe and small breasts love doll.

#1 158CM Party Queen Jacqueline Realistic Silicone Doll

Jacqueline is a curly hair blonde sex doll. She is from Europe. She is like her mom. She is good at dance and sing. All her exs like her morn when they having sex. You will fall in her voice. Take her home today, and we promise you all your problems related to loneliness are solved.
Skin Color:Natural
Upper Bust:33.26in(84.5cm)
Lower Bust:23.62in(60cm)
Bra Size:F cup

#2 Sex Doll Torsos 80cm Head#56 Tan

This is a sex torso, is a part of body. If you don’t want a full life-like sex doll or consider the full body is heavy. The sex torso is a perfect choice. It is easy to storage, and lighter. Beside it is cheap. She also has three holes to be used. As far as I am concerned, she is the most beautiful in all sex torsos.
Here are the specification,
Cup size: D cup

#3 156CM Sexy Crystal Real Love Toy

Pink hair Crystal sex doll is 173cm, she is soft and flexible. She likes playing sport. Basketball, volleyball are her favorite sport. If you like sport, you can take her together. She never annoy you, betray you. Crystal has big eyes and sexy lip. You could touch her lips, her body and her privacy. Everything as same as real women. Buy one to check it.

#4 158CM Small Breast Love Doll for Men

This brown short hair life-like doll is from Asian, she is closed eyes doll. Her eyes can’t open. She loves make sex so much, she is enjoy it. So she is closing her eyes to ready a man to f**ck her.She never satisfy with that.Look, she is masturbating.Look at her vagina and ass, they are tight.

#5 155CM Alluring Dress Witch Phoebe Hot Selling For Men Silicone Doll

Phoebe is a chubby sex doll,she has big butt and big boobs.Nobody won’t interested in this doll. If you like her, bought her to your home. She can’t bear the lonely night.

Time at night is always lonely and impatient. I mean, you probably would be here, alone with me in my bedroom.You’re cute, and I’m lounging in my bed, with my tight little ass in the air. Looks like I have some pointers for you to study up on. Start with exhibit A: I’m an athletic body, a premium TPE sex doll, with a slender frame and lovely curves. My skin is so soft and smooth, one touch is enough to make you fall in love. With my robust internal metal skeleton, I can pose in all kinds of realistic, erotic positions. Think about it like this. Are you excited?

#6 170cm 5ft7 H-cup Sex Doll Bria

If you have enough budget and strong enough, I’d like to recommend this elf sex doll Bria to you. She is 170cm, 90 lbs (41kg). she likes a flower ferry. Her boobs are just the right size and are complemented by a beautiful roundness that surrounds her erect little nipples. Come on, take with her, f**k her on the forest.

#7 161CM Alluring Fashion Night Dress Beauty Cloris Silicone Doll For Male Toy

Next we’re going to introduce Cloris. She is one of the prettiest blonde babes. And this day will remain embedded in your memory for a long period of time I am telling you! There is something about blondes that men are so much attracted towards them. Perhaps it is the sex appeal that a blonde woman carries My name is Aileen,My job is a hotel attendant. You know what I'm meaning.I enjoy serving all kinds of men every day.I know how much you appreciate a girl with curves because I have the right amount, just in case. Your lust ridden stare tells me a lot about the kind of person that you are going to be in bed. The signs are looking good that you too want to bang in bed with all your might till there is no more energy left.So Why don't you come and have a try?

#7 Lifelike Sex Toy three holes

The last one is sex toy. It is small, she is only 1.2ft(40cm), 12.43lbs(5.64KG). Although she is small, but she has head, feet, what’s more, she has three holes to use.

Vaginal 6.69in(12cm),

anal 4.53in(11.5cm),

oral 3.54in(9cm)

The weight of this doll is lighter like a sex toy, but it has face, three holes. The disadvantage is the face doesn’t look like real person. So if you want a realistic sex doll, you should choose our sex doll. Our sex dolls have competitive price.