Can a man have sex with his idol?

Many men dream of sleeping with a woman they love. Even if he already has a wife, there is no guarantee that he will not be obsessed with his mind. Men's desire for beauty is no less than the tiger's desire for prey. In fact, if you have your own idol, you will think in your heart, what it feels like to be with your idol.

It is now possible to achieve this in some companies. You can sex with your idol.Just make her to be a lifelike sex doll.


A sex doll company is offering to make ‘models’ based on pictures of real women, without checking if they consent to their likeness being used.

One of the Sex Doll Official, said customers can submit images of any woman to create a doll in their likeness for up to several thousand dollars. The company said customers often send in pictures of celebrities, as well as of regular women. Their website features images of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, actress Margot Robbie and model Adriana Lima.


Company owner admitted to the Daily Star that they are unaware if the women in the pictures submitted by clients have given permission for a sex doll to be modelled after them, saying the dolls are “just a likeness”.