How To Maintain And Clean Your Sex Doll?

Buying a sex doll not just for sex but as a companion. That is why it is extremely important to understand how to store and care for your doll. Maintaining a doll correctly can improve your sex life and extend the life of your doll. So in this article, you will know how to clean sex doll, how to wash her wig,how to make up for her, how to storage your lovely sex doll and some tips you need to know. if you are interested in, please move on.


Daily cleaning: It is recommended to wash once every 30 days using mild shower foam if you don't use it. Especially when the doll has just been bought. We all know that the realistic sex doll is mainly made of silicone or TPE. No matter which kind of material, the sex doll will have oil, so please wash your sex doll at least 30 days if you didn’t use it. Otherwise your beloved sex doll may become oily. Then you would not want to touch or kiss her anymore.
Washing it after use: every time you used the doll, you need to clean it. If you really really tired to clean it, at least clean the vagina, otherwise it will easily breed bacteria, which will affect the next usage. What’s importantly, it will affect health. Therefore, it must be cleaned after use. If you really don't want to do it, there is a idea that is to use a condom. After using it, you only need to wipe the vagina. So that you can save time and don’t worry your health.

How to wash your sex doll?

Step1: Take off the clothes, wig, head. Yes, the head should be cleaned separate with the body, and then using a bag or anything is waterproof to wrap the neck. Keeping the head away from water. It is in order to protect the screws on the neck. If you don’t want to take off the head from the body, then be careful the screw, make sure it is away from the water.
Step 2: washing with mild shower foam. You can take it into your bathtub, take bath with you. Or take a shower under shower.
Step 3: After the sex doll showered, dry with a towel and use the talcum powder to wipe the body of the doll, so that the doll can be kept refreshed. Do not use a hair dryer, it will melt.
And finally, your beautiful, clean sex doll waiting you to please her next time!
Clothes: after washed your sex doll, you maybe wear clothes for her sometimes. But about clothes also you need to know.
Wig care: It is suggested that clean wigs at least once a month. Using synthetic or human hair shampoo to wash the wig. Rinsing from roots to ends with lukewarm water before you wash the wig. Do not rub the wig when washing the wig, because it would knot. So you can use conditioner after washed, which can avoid the wig knots efficiently.
If you never make up before, it is recommended to draw lipstick in the first time, because it doesn’t need complicated skills. Making up others after you mastering more skills, especially eyebrows, because a lot of people cannot draw the eyebrows well. Now let’s make up for your sex doll. Preparing lipstick, eyebrow pencils, eyelashes, blush, cleansing oil and makeup brushes.
Step1: remove makeup
First of all, take a good moisturizing agent or a good makeup remover and apply it to a piece of fresh cotton. Then, spread it over the face of your sex doll, and then gently remove the makeup that was previously applied. Clean the face properly with the cotton. It is recommended that you buy a makeup remover that is especially for silicone/TPE sex dolls, and remove the wig to make it easier.
Step 2: eyebrow
Create the basic shape with the eye pencil, and then use a pencil to add individual "hairs."
Step 3: eyelash
Once that is done, you need to apply mascara, a product to enhance the eyelashes, to her eyes. We recommend you use this product because this will make her look extremely sexy. I personally prefer a girl with thickly done eyelashes. 
Step 4: blusher
Cheekbone powder blush is usually applicable on the cheek to sharpen them.
Using the big brush in your makeup kit, get some powder and tap off the excess.
You can then swirl it gently on both cheeks. Avoid putting too much of powder onto the cheekbones, which would give her an unnatural look.
Remember that TPE skin is already a perfect complexion without any red spots or imperfections, which is why you will not need foundation powder.
Step 5: lipstick
Next, put on lipstick to your beloved sex doll. The color of lipstick you want to see on her luscious lips when you kiss her and have sex with her.
Now, your beautiful love doll is ready for you. She is ready to get pampered and loved by you.


storage the doll correctly can help you using your doll longer.
There are two best ways to store the doll.
Lying: You can put it into a box, other room or your bed, but please make sure where is cool and dry.
Hanging: The another best way to store sex doll is hanging. You can hanging on your closet.  
Either hanging or lying to store your sex doll, make sure the place is dry.
The world cannot receive sex doll totally, that’s why we have to hire the sex doll to avoid the prejudice.
Place inside a box.
Hide into sofa
In your closet,basement,garage, loft, other Rooms In Your House. Any where cannot easier found.
After you hide it well, please don't forget take her out regularly. Company her and clean her.

Washing sex toy are similar with sex doll
If you have other questions about sex doll, please leave your common or contact me. Thanks for your reading and hope it is helpful.