How To Wash Your Sex Toy-Here the Tips

Before you buy a sex toy, you may have read more blogs about how to buy a sex toy, but after used it, you would confused how to clear the thing. Maybe you tried to wash it first or you may no idea wash it. If you don’t wash it, you will easily get disease. In collusion, you have to wash sex toy clear for your health.
Step by step tell you how to wash your sex toy?

Tips wash sex toy

1.If you’re feeling lazy, you can (occasionally) get away with using a sex toy cleaner.
2.You can also use condoms (especially if you’re sharing toys).
A.Remove all the vibrating parts. For some vibrating sex toy, you can unplug all the vibrating parts. But before that, you need to check your vibrating is waterproof or not. Usually you could got the information in the description. If it is written like waterproof specification, then you can wash it directly. If there is not mention it, you could also ask the seller. In most of case, sellers will mention it if it is waterproof.
B.Rinse in the water. Rinse you sex toy with water. Clear some dirty firstly.
C. Use some soap. Use soap and brush for deep cleaning.
D, Wash off. Pour water thoroughly masturbator from the inside and outside. Wash it until the foam and slipperiness of soap does not disappear. When you feel masturbator get clean and cut off the running water.
E, Dry it. After clean it, you could dry it with a clear cloth, and then let it dry naturally. Do not use hairdryer.
Here is the video tell you how to clean sex toy and sex doll.
How often wash it
No wonder After every used it, should wash your sex toy clearly to prepare for next time use.
How should I store my sex toys?
Store sex doll also is important, if you put it in a damage place, the sex doll would get all kinds of bacteria.

Sex toys recommendation

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Easy Carry Mini Lifelike Sex Toy

This sex fleshlight is made of medicine material. The vagina is super natural and realistic. The feeling is similar with do real one. What’s important, it is easy to wash and storage, the price is inexpensive.

Realistic Vagina Toy for Men Three Holes

This sex toy is super funny, it is actually made by two sex toys. So it has two vaginas and two asses to use. It made from medical TPE material. The material is safe to use, and really soft.

Tan skin male masturbation

If you want lifelike size ass, this sex toy is best choice for you. Look at its pink privacy, it is really hot. You may use it after a movie, or boring.. It is easy to clean. If you don’t want to clean, you could use condom to use it.

Realistic Small Boobs Sex Torso

This is a small sex torso, it is tan skin. It has not head, arms and legs. Only the body with boobs, vagina and butt. It is small, only 8.66in(22cm), the weight is 5.71in(14.5cm). 

All in all, these are tips to help with usage. If you wanna see others or have any questions, please contact us or leave your comments.